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Big Farm is a game in which you will have to build a farm that everyone will envy. You will have to plant, harvest, and trade with the items and products generated in your farm. 






When Uncle Jorge gave you the old farm, it was the time when you had to learn how to develop your farmer skills, and make all the plants in your arm bloom.

Plant and harvest cereals, and be in charge of the animals. Trade with the people of the town, and sell your products in the town market.  

You will definitely have to take care of your farm. Take charge of it from your phone and never miss the opportunity to expand it.

Decorate your farm and customize all aspects of it. Improve the stables and increases the productivity of the wheat fields. Learn also to invest the money of your work to be a builder in your city. 

You must bear in mind that you are part of a community so establish close relationships with friends and with all the townspeople.

Join other farmers around the world and become a respected member of the community. 

A surprise of the game is that there is the year of the harvest, an event full of surprises, with festivals, mysteries, and a spirit of Christmas. T

his app is completely free to play. Additionally, it offers optional in-app purchases. You can disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. This game requires an internet connection.