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Checkers board game is played by two players. Each player begins the game with 12 colored discs. The board consists of 64 squares, alternating between 32 dark and 32 light squares.

Game Features:

- Designed for both Tablet and Phone
- Save game
- Undo
- Smooth gameplay.
- Hours of entertainment!
- Pieces skins
- 100% Free! Play as much as you want
- Specifically optimized for the Android
- Play with a friend with Bluetooth
- Checkers game without wifi. Play Checkers game offline.
- Fun, excitement and entertainment!
- Easy to use and comfortable user interface!
- Works perfect even without network, without wifi, offline

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Draughts (or checkers) is played by two opponents, on opposite sides of the gameboard. One player has the dark pieces; the other has the light pieces. Players alternate turns. A player may not move an opponent's piece. The player with the light pieces moves first unless stated otherwise. A move consists of moving a piece diagonally to an adjacent unoccupied square. If the adjacent square contains an opponent's piece, and the square immediately beyond it is vacant, the piece may be captured (and removed from the game) by jumping over it.

No internet connection or wifi required:
You don't need an internet connection or wifi and don't have to wait for other players.

Only the dark squares of the checkered board are used. A piece may move only diagonally into an unoccupied square. Capturing is mandatory in most official rules, although some rule variations make capturing optional when presented.[citation needed] In almost all variants, the player without pieces remaining, or who cannot move due to being blocked, loses the game.

It is positioned so that each player has a light square on the right side corner closest to him or her

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