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Air control 2 is the android game in which you will act as airplane controller. This is an easy game where you will be responsible about guiding planes when flying. You will be in charge of leading an airport and guiding planes. Avoid collisions among them.







This review is about the game Air control 2, the new version of the famous game of control air Android of which this is an extension. This is basically a very simple game in which you, as a player, is responsible for assuming the role of air traffic controller. It is then that you is in charge of guiding planes so that they do not collide when they land.

In this straightforward yet shockingly addictive diversion you go up against the part of Air Traffic Controller. You must direct planes to runways while keeping away from impacts.


★ Worldwide areas: From burning deserts to solidifying mountains

★ Multiplayer coop maps: Play with your companion on a similar tablet

★ Tons of various planes and choppers 

★ Avoid blasting tempests 

The features that most have liked this game are:

- The variety of maps and locations.

- There are also many types of aircraft.

- There are extras such as storms or rain effects.

Our note for this game is 6.

You can play this game from our ApkOnline platform, but you can also download it from the Google Play Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fourpixels.aircontrol2, where you can find further intructions to play it.