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Galaxy Aircraft-Thunder Angel

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Galaxy aircraft - Thunder Angel is a shooting games battle in the galaxy, using 3D modeling to show the sci-fi combat aircraft, unique design ideas innovative classic shooting game.

Mankind's Federal receive extraterrestrial clans Tenkral attacks, we will expand deadly combat in the vast galaxy with aliens. As each alien clan has a unique technology and features, so that you also need to carefully choose the right co-pilot who will match the fighting.
Because of the air combat ever-changing, so the Federal research different technique system for six aircrafts,they can upgrade to different type like attacks, special or guardian.

The game design is different from ordinary airplane game, it's not to move your position every three seconds, and then defeat the enemy by your status.

"Galaxy aircraft" continuation of the essence of the aircraft shooting games, as they are an upgraded version,we make innovations in the play ,the graphic and etc. But reducing requirements of coins. ^ ^.
Your score is the criteria to rank your play, when your aircraft keep destroy enemy's aircraft that will gradually increase your comboLV, and the enemy will have a more diverse way to attack and better loots.
In short, you play better, stimulation of the fighting will keep up with your ability, and with the rewards.
Each aircraft has the function of transform,it's in invincible state when transformed, and use more powerful weapon. How to take a good use of transform is the key to higher scores.
Features six alien clan also need to take to deal with, Karesh clan specializes in aircraft electromagnetic science and technology, Goga aircraft has a wide range of bullets, Ynzen aircraft have attacked immunity shield. And each clan in addition to boss, as well as small, medium and large aircraft, each with a different attack.

- you know how to play,but not easy to hit a high score
- fantasy graphic,3D modeling aircraft and a 3D vast galaxy
- eight co-pilot, include beauties and beasts, but the important thing is their characteristic functional..
- every clan of alien Tenkral has their unique technology,enriching the entire game's play mode.
- conquer six area of the galaxy, to regain human territory, stages not only a few!
- theme is the future of the galaxy, with the techniqual UI designing, make every fight is epic combat
- smooth and excellent combat,fast-paced, upgraded version of the classic STG
- adapte smart phones and pads, running smoothly

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