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Download this app named Fresh Flower Bouquet Ideas.

This application gives you 85 inspiration of flowers bouquet ideas for home, gift, valentine, and wedding flower.

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Flower arrangements make great gifts and add color, texture, and drama as inexpensive and interesting home décor elements. If you have never tried your hand at creating something like this, it may seem a bit daunting. Do not worry, though. It is easier than it looks. All you need are a few inexpensive tools and supplies, and an hour or so to put it all together. Keeping things simple can be the key to creating a beautiful centerpiece.

Wedding flowers are a significant expense, so it’s hardly surprising that many brides are looking for ways to economise. Where once only a’ florist made’ bouquet would do, many brides are saving money by creating their own bouquets or asking friends to help.

How to Make a Beautiful Flower Arrangement
Plan your bouquet. First, decide on the colors you will use. To make it simple, use one color. If you do this, keep the design simple and use a container that goes well with the color of the flowers.

Select your container. The container you select should be of a size and color that balances with the size of the flowers and natural elements. Clear glass jars should be filled with rice, beans, pebbles, etc. that go well with the color of the flowers. Brown rice or polished stone pebbles that you can get from your local dollar store make nice, neutral bases for almost any color arrangement.

Fill your container with either the foam floral block (be sure to pack it in tightly) or the other filler you have selected. If you are working with live elements, add water to about an inch or two below the rim. Remember that the water level will rise as you add your floral pieces.

Trim and clip. Most floral stems will need to be trimmed so that the stem is free of excess leaves. To do this, gauge or measure the depth of your container. Very shallow containers will need less trimming. You want the stem to be free of leaves until just after it reaches the top of the container. Clip the stem off at the desired height. To add drama and texture, vary the length a little, or you could even use two or three long stems in the center and shorter stems around the long stems.

Begin placement of floral elements. Usually, the longest stems will go in the middle. This is where you can use your floral tape to bind two or three stems together so that they stay in the formation you want. Create color balance by selecting a main color, and then augment that color with little pops of the the other colors. Flesh out the bouquet with your natural elements and greenery. Keep the size of the bouquet balanced with the size of the container. Stand back once in a while to see if it looks balanced in both size and color. If the container has a front and back, be sure to arrange the flowers and stems in such a way as to complement the front of the container. Remember, if you don't like the way it looks, you can just switch things around. Do not try to make it perfect. Just make it pleasing to your eye.

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