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The French bulldog is a good-natured, playful, watchful, and curious dog breed. Its ears are like bat ears. It performs its guard duty perfectly. He does not like mice at all, and he hunts them mercilessly. He doesn't like other dogs but gets along well with the pets he's grown up with. He especially loves the elderly. Extreme temperatures can lead to a heart attack. It easily adapts to apartment life. He does not like to walk too much.

The French bulldog is brave, active, balanced, emotional, and intelligent.

The French bulldog is a companion dog that can also be used as an apartment guard. He is also a relentless rat hunter. He must sleep at home. He is good-natured.

The French bulldog is a native French breed. It probably carries the blood of the English bulldog. He enjoyed great fame in the second half of the 19th century.

The French bulldog weighs 9-12 kilograms, is 28-33 cm long, and has an average lifespan of 9-11 years. It is a small, energetic breed. It has large, rounded, bat-like ears and a flat square head. It is similar to the English bulldog. Their very soft skin makes them attractive pets. They are excellent friends with people. It has a friendly and cautious disposition, making it the perfect housemate. He is a very player. He gets along well with other animals and children.

This playful little dog makes a great playmate and is very friendly. The French bulldog cannot live in a kennel, and it must always be in a family environment. The French bulldog must be socialized so it can be compatible with other dogs. But it should be kept away from small children who act harshly.

The French bulldog does not respond to harsh training. The most suitable for him is a patient trainer. It progresses very quickly with a good trainer. Suffers from respiratory problems at high temperatures. There should always be water and a suitable canopy. Cannot live outside, only suitable for home life. Do not exercise in hot weather, and this will cause sunstroke. Its bark is different from other dogs. Barks in a low voice.

Digestive system problems, hip dysplasia, cleft palate, Von Willebrand disease, which is a coagulation disorder, can be seen in French bulldogs.

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