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FREE unit converter, simple UI and easy-to-use.
convert 15 commonly unit categories.
High precision up to 12 decimals.
Custom your useful units by sort my converter list. Check or uncheck item. Long touch then drag and drop item to sort favourite unit list.
Various conversion units include SI system, imperial system, United States system
Various unit categories include:
- Prefix: yotta, zetta, mega, kilo, milli, nano, zepto, yocto, ....
- Length: meter, kilomter, inch, yard, mile, ...
- Area: square meter, square inch, hectare, acre, ....
- Volume: cubic meter, cubic inch, teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, gallon, ...
- Weight: kilogram, gram, ton, ouce, pound, carat,
- Speed: kilometer per hour, meter per second, mile per hour, foot per second
- Fuel consumption: liter per 100 kilometer, kilometer per liter, gallon per 100 mile, mile per gallon, ...
- Time: century, hour, minute, second
- Pressure: pascal, atmosphere, bar, kilogram per square meter, pound per square inch, ...
- Temperature: celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin, newton, rankine, delisle, ...
- Power: watt, horse power, btu, joule per second, volt ampere, ....
- Energy: joule, newton meter, calorie, btu, ...
- Angle: degree, radian, revolution, ....
- Digital storage: bit, byte, kilobyte, ...
- Data speed: bit per second, byte per hour, kilobyte per hour, ....

More unit conversion and units will be added soon, send email to me if you request more unit conversions and units.
My email: dangxuanhungdt@gmail.com

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Developer: dangxuanhungdt

Recent changes: Convert 15 unit categories
Remove some units that you feel it useless and sort it as you like. Your convert will be simple and easy than before