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Jouez aux échecs néoclassiques ("Nc Chess") avec cette application !
Vous aurez également besoin d'un véritable échiquier et d'un jeu d'échecs, ainsi que d'un
adversaire humain physiquement présent. L'application fournit la position initiale
pour jouer.

Neoclassical Chess is a free chess application for players of all levels, from learning beginner to dedicated
amateur to players of the highest competitive levels. It opens the door to an exciting "new classical" chess.

In Neoclassical Chess all rules are exactly as in classical chess, except that play starts after three full moves
from White and Black, those of a game taken at random from a large, carefully selected database of recent chess master games.
As a consequence, openings appear in proportion to their frequency in master practice, providing a single worldwide standard for play.
L'application fournit la position initiale et les mouvements qui y mènent juste avant le début du jeu.

The app Neoclassical Chess allows chess players to play Neoclassical chess by selecting the option "3 Nc Chess".
It also includes Neoclassical Chess Black, the variant with the Black pieces (where the position is obtained after the third move by White, so that Blacks starts the game by choosing the third, free move) by selecting the "2.5 Nc Chess Black" option. These options are the ones to be used in competitive Neoclassical Chess.

Additionally, the app allows 4 more options:

"2 Nc Training" is the Neoclassical Chess Training variant. It is recommended for training and also for friendly games between amateurs who lack detailed theoretical opening knowledge. Positions are obtained after two full moves. The version with the Black pieces is 1.5 Nc Training (positions obtained after the second move by White).

"1 Nc Schools" is the Neoclassical Chess in Schools variant. It is recommended for use in school competition and training, and for beginning chess players. The positions are obtained after a complete move (one by White and one by Black). The version with the Black pieces is 0.5 Nc Schools (positions obtained after only the first move by White).

Neoclassical chess is the domain of OTB (Over the Board) play, of live chess performance and creative play.
It is also the only chess variant ever invented that fully respects the history of the game.
That is why we say it is more than a variant: it is an "evolution" of chess, but it's above all chess.

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Please see also details of the license for this app, essentially valid for any educational,
recherche ou usage personnel, dans tous les cas en jeu en face à face,
while excluding commercial use or distribution, or its use in online play.

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