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Run this app named Simbudget - multicurrency financial calculator or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

You need this app if simple, transparent and efficient way to track your personal finances is just what you need!

The simplest and easiest way to monitor the budget without any distracting information.

The must have app for people who need to know how much many in which currencies and accounts do they have and who don't have much time to enter each transaction for each expense or income.

Simple and interactive interface helps to adjust balances on accounts and keep you finances consistent.

Today in IT world you could get all necessary finance information about transactions from you bank provider but you still need to see all your budget from different accounts in one place.

Go and get the whole picture of your finances with Simbudget!

Principales fonctionnalités de l'application:

- Intuitive flow of adjusting balances across many currencies and accounts
- Multicurrency support
- Multi bank account support
- Realtime exchange rates
- Group accounts by groups as you wish
- Charts for cumulative balance, currencies and accounts distribution

Features that required subscription:

- More then 3 group of accounts
- More then 3 accoutns in each group (total 9 accounts)
- More then 2 currencies selected

Process of tracking your money is as easy as:
1) Add currencies that you use for personal finance diversification
2) Add account grous and accounts where your money is
3) Adjust balances on each account and each currency just when you want

Simbudget calculates your balances on each account automatically, shows where and in which currencies you have your money and draws charts for finance distribution accros time, currencies and accounts.

App converts money with real and up-to-date exchange rates.

You could check the balance chart: how much money did you have in each time frame when youve adjusted your balance. Depends on trend you could adjust your spendings if need to with help of your banks applications which could should each category of expense.

Track your finance but not expenses

Popular finance trackers assumes that you enter each expense or income transaction manually or semi-automaticly and distibute it on the right account and category.

- SMS or push sync could miss the transaction, e.g. your phone is dead but you still use you credit card
- Manual tracker is really boring, you spend much time entering each transaction but in 80% of cases you will never use this information

Simbudget solution:
Account adjustment process as a consistent operation

- Be sure that you see the consistent state of your finance at the known date
- Perform adjustment when it's convinient. If you won't do it 'today'... nothigh bad happens
- Adjust all account in a atomic transaction - there is no chance that some balances on some accounts will be inconsistent

Focus on diversification

Most of the money tracking apps focuses on expenses - they track each transaction in terms of category, account where it happened etc but don't let you analyze the overall finance state - in which currencies, where do you have your money.

- Focus on expense and income sources and transactions while this information available in most bank apps
- Difficulty or even impossibility to get info about the overall personal finance state when it comes to different accounts and currencies

Simbudget solution:
Multicurrency accounts and group distribution

- Multicurrenty for each account, you could adjust balance separatly for each currency that you've chosen to use in app
- Account are divided into groups which let you check the distribution accross that groups

If overall finance state is more important for you than time consuming expense and income transaction tracking - Simbudget is a good choise!

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