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Messager privé Zangi is a serverless application de messagerie to make uninterrupted voice and video calls, fast and private messaging, file sharing, which works from anywhere, anytime, and most importantly, it is absolutely free to download and use.

Pourquoi utiliser Zangi Private Messenger?

- Keep your communication safe and away from any servers
- Make high-quality voice and video calls even with 2G internet
- Spend up to 6x less mobile data than other messaging apps

Safety is Priority

This private messages app is designed for secure communication. Here privacy is taken to another level. Communication history is never stored on any servers. The fully encrypted messaging app leaves no traces on the Internet whatsoever. Zangi will never give third parties access to your data, since Zangi doesn’t have that data in the first place.

HD Voice and Video Calls

Talk face-to-face with free HD video calls and connect with your friends, family or coworkers with high-quality voice calls. Photo-realistic colors and crystal clear voice is guaranteed. Enjoy clean and uninterrupted calls, especially in crowded spaces or far off places with slow internet connection. Recover lost voice and video data, so important discussions never get lost in the noise.

Internet Speed is Irrelevant

Zangi has reached a new revolutionary state with their original communication protocol where you can connect anywhere, even with 2G/ EDGE, noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks. When connecting at a cafe or other public space, Zangi will adapt to your Internet connection to still provide uninterrupted calls.

Happy Wallet

Save precious data when making calls on expensive network connections. The data-efficient messaging app lets you make HD calls for up to 7 minutes while consuming only 1 MB of bandwidth when switching to the “Low Data Usage” mode. Zangi private messenger download is great for frequent travelers. You can get roaming at a fraction of the cost with Call Forwarding and Zangi-Out.

Almost no internet? You can still make calls with Zangi’s Callback feature. Don’t pay for expensive long-distance calls. Just request a Callback and Zangi will initialize a calling session between you and your friend.

Zangi est GRATUIT et le sera toujours

Zangi to Zangi communication is always FREE. Zangi does not sell ads and will never introduce supplementary fees at any point. But you may add credit to make international or local calls at low-cost rates using Zangi-Out and Callback services.

Connectez-vous et partagez

You can instantly send and share text messages, photos, and videos, voice, and video recordings, GIFs, or any other files with Zangi messenger download.

Autocollants originaux et GIF drôles

After all these years of texting and messaging, sometimes it feels like you’ve overused the same emojis and stickers forever. It’s refreshing to download a messenger that offers a whole new collection of originally designed stickers. At least once a month, Zangi is coming up with new emoji and sticker packs that are absolutely free. Express yourself with Zangi’s colorful, themed stickers. Bring your text to life and give the best reactions with GIFs.

Chats de groupe privés

Avec un messager crypté, profitez de conversations de groupe privées avec les membres de votre équipe, votre famille ou vos amis, et ne vous inquiétez jamais que votre communication puisse être divulguée ou piratée. Répondez ou transférez des messages spécifiques dans le chat de groupe. Personnalisez le groupe avec une image de groupe, un nom, un arrière-plan et plus encore.
Téléchargez Zangi Messenger gratuitement dès aujourd'hui, pour une expérience de messagerie offrant une confidentialité totale et une communication de qualité.

Zangi Private Messenger Télécharger maintenant - Connectez-vous et discutez!

Mises à jour:

— Design changes and user experience improvements
— New and improved icons on a lot of screens
— When the contacted person’s phone number is not in the list of contacts you will see a special label “This number is not in your contacts” inside the contact’s “Info” screen. Just tap that panel with the label to add that phone number in your contacts or to block that phone number.
— Improved functionality of adding a new contact
- Améliorations des performances et corrections de bugs.

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