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Whats Fomp about?!

Fatness! Money! And Honour! First of all: Fatness!

If youve ever knocked up your own festival, you may survive the first three minutes without going broke. If you dont - you got to learn. The hard way. Fatness doesnt grow on trees.

But first things first - how does Fomp work?

You lean back, launch the game, push the volume faders to max. and create a coffee addicted players profile. You choose a event-location you can afford. At first this might be: Pete McNuggets gravel pit. Then you build up a powerful team. Amongst your friends you might hire some additional day-laborers loitering at the job center.
Having a team you can send out scouts to dig up some bands. And you better dont wonder about their bio. Ass-kissing will dump their fees in order to book them for Fomp. Then you eat the burger and set time to slo-mo. No stress. No stress.
You rent equipment and move it to the barn on your location using mopeds and pick-ups. Last thing to get: resources. In first instance huddles and Duct Tape. Your team will build sales stands of it. Yes they will.

All of this you manage from inside your old nicely done up construction trailer. As the farmer has finally decided to mow down the jungle outside you are able to explore your terrain. Instruct your team to build up the stage and all other structures. And if you havent really done everything wrong your fatness will raise after every single Fomp the crowd celebrated. And so will your bank balance. Thus you will get access to bigger locations and your hands on better equipment. And some fine day you can buy even more Diesel than you need. You lucky one!

your Monkey Logic Team. You really read this far? Respect!

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