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Fighter jet is the name given to aircraft belonging to the warplane tour, whose primary task is to hunt down other warplanes. Fighter jets are generally small, light, fast, and maneuverable aircraft. Many have aerobatic abilities. Fighter jets have a more limited bombing capability than bombers, whose primary task is to bombard ground targets.

After the use of airplanes and other aircraft during World War I, reconnaissance and air-to-ground attacks began. The first fighter jets were mostly wooden biplane models with submachine guns. With the development of air warfare, the control of the sky also began to improve. II. During World War II, fighter jets continued to evolve predominantly with metal monoplanes and wing-mounted cannons. After the war, the piston engines were replaced by the reactive jet engine, and missiles were added in addition to the cannons. In its historical development, jet aircraft have been classified into generations. Generation nomenclature arose as a result of the Russian defense idiom, leading to the "fifth" generation F-35 Lightning II. Modern fighter jets usually have one or two turbofan engines, predominantly with missiles (at least two - maybe 8-10 as seen in some daytime fighter jets such as the Su-27 Flanker or F-15 Eagle), a cannon (typically 20) as support. mm or 30 mm caliber) and is equipped with radar for target scanning.

Fighter jets are primarily armed to gain air superiority. Since World War II, air superiority has become an essential critical part of modern warfare, especially "conventional" wars between regular armies, and due to their objectives and importance, powerful proportions of armies' military budgets are primarily in modern fighter forces.

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