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Named after one of the greatest singers in the history of opera, the Farinelli Breathing exercise helps both beginner and experienced singers to achieve proper breath support (also known as Appoggio) and posture when singing. This will help you to grow your breathing capacity, improve your tone of voice, and have a more reliable air supply.

The Farinelli exercise is for all singers, teachers and students of voice. It is an Appoggio technique which involves inhaling, suspending and exhaling for a certain length of time. Appoggio is an Italian word meaning 'to lean on' or 'to support'. The Farinelli manoeuvre encourages a slowing down of the rise of the diaphragm which allows the voice to maintain a steady flow of air, thus creating a steady singing tone.

Running out of breath singing short or long phrases?
Maybe you've been told to sing from the diaphragm or use breath support?
Perhaps your voice lacks tone, quality or volume, making you sound quiet, airy or breathy?
Does your voice sound strained, forced or tired?

This exercise can be practiced daily to strengthen the breathing control muscles (back and abdominals), or at the beginning of the day as a warm up to kickstart your breathing mechanism and prepare your body for singing. It can take up to six months to see the benefits, but, over time as you develop strength and coordination, breath management will become more natural and automatic.

When you master the control and regulation of airflow, you will be able to direct your voice with ease and efficiency to the vocal registers (chest, mixed, head voice) allowing you to reach low and high notes that are free of tension and strain. Vibrato can then also become a natural result of good tone, breath management, resonance, and correctly supported placement of sound.

Singing requires more muscle control and coordination in supporting the diaphragm than regular speaking does. Breath mastery is key if a singer hopes to be able to achieve a great sound and sing effortlessly with skill, stamina, and poise. Powerful and resonant belting is an indicator of incredible breath management and support. Practice breathing regularly to improve your technique and build your lung capacity.

Built-in metronome to help you stay on track with the exercise timer
Voice guide for calling out the counts, allowing you to set your phone down and focus on your posture and breathing technique
Visual guide indicating your progress through the exercise
Record and track your progress as you develop strength and get better at the exercise
Learn the correct posture, stance and Appoggio technique with the in-app tutorial
Optional daily reminder to practice the Farinelli exercise
24/7 direct support from us through the in-app contact form, we want to help you to become a powerful and healthy singer!

Improved agility and vocal stamina
Greater accuracy and speed
More reliable air supply
Sustain longer notes
Sing longer phrases
Increased natural tone resonance and volume
Improved overall endurance
Increased lung capacity

Download the Farinelli Breathing exercise app today for free and start practicing daily to become a powerful and healthy singer! Take your training further by upgrading to premium and enjoy an ad-free experience, as well as unlocked breath counts.

This exercise can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

If you have any questions, feedback, or if you've spotted a bug/error in the app, please reach us directly through the in-app contact form and we will aim to respond within 24 hours.

To use the voice feature, your device must have the 'Speech services by Google' engine installed.

The Farinelli Exercise app is available on all Android devices (Marshmallow 6.0+).

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