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Fantasy Archery: Master of Bow and Arrow Games Download

Free download Fantasy Archery: Master of Bow and Arrow Games APK

Fantasy Archery: Master of Bow and Arrow Games

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Download this app named Fantasy Archery: Master of Bow and Arrow Games.

Orc invasion is on! Defend the magic fantasy fortress with bow and arrow from hordes of rival knights, dragons, bloodthirsty orcs, evil mages, wizards and goblins sent by Evil Mage! Become an archery bow & arrow shooting master!

This is game is of thrones! Thrones of the mid-earth! As an archer, master of the bow and arrow, and member of the Fellowship of Archers, you must protect the two lonesome towers, save the Elf Castle and protect the Queen. Hunt orcs, kill goblins, fight the evil mage. Become an ultimate elven bow hunter!

Use your archery skills to protect other elves. Friendly knight and fortress defenders will help you, but you must shoot precisely. If you hit friendly unit you will fail. Mages will cast magic spells, orcs will attack you with sword, axe and other medieval weapons!

Orc terror must be stopped. Defence of the castle is crucial. Elf race will be grateful if you can survive the 40 day long siege of the fortress. Clear the dungeon, protect the magic passage, defend the ancient altar. Since dragons in dungeons there hasn't been a bigger battle.

You must use your hunter skills. Berserker orcs are also the toughest enemies. The mid-earth is in danger. You must also protect the two lonesome towers with the Fellowship of Archers. Magic ring will help you but won't keep the enemies for long! Sharpen the arrow and use your bow for hunting the enemies!

Main features of Fantasy Archery:
➳ Different environments: dungeon, ancient altar, magic passage, fortress and castle.
➳ You can use longbow with magic arrows.
➳ Shooting orcs in the head is more efficient
➳ Survival mode (Defend the Queen, Defend the Castle)
➳ Hunter mode (Hunt the Orc Commander)
➳ Achievements
➳ Leaderboards - you can compete with your friends!
➳ Wind factor! Arrows actually turn - Take an amendment to the wind!
➳ Free to play! No money needed!
➳ Works Offline! You can play without Internet

How to play?
➳ Tap to stretch the bow.
➳ Aim the target (hit the head for more points!).
➳ Bow reloads automatically
➳ Bow will start shaking when stretched for too long!
➳ Don’t get killed!

DOWNLOAD NOW and play Fantasy Archery - one of the best bow & arrow shooting games of 2017!


Fixed orcs animation when dying. Also, optimized it a little!



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