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میرا سبایتی

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Mira Sbaiti is an artist and abstract painter, poet and writer. This app is a showcase for some of her abstract paintings.

بیانیه هنرمند:
I paint simply for the love of painting, the pleasure of splattering colors and the emotional release that occurs during the process. I have no particular method or style as it is a constant experimentation of interwoven thoughts of controlled chaos within an undefined expression that formulates and lives somewhere amidst the throat, chest and gut.

But my work isnt about representing my elucidations of life, emotions or feelings, regardless of my trigger, as much as its about surfacing your thoughts, touching on your creativity, and creating your interpretations of how each piece speaks to you.

A successful piece will trigger imagination, evoke emotion and encourage a sense of reflection and connection between itself and you.

When each piece is complete, if there is ever such a thing, and released to the world, it takes on its own liberated identity, separate from mine. The identity and energy it exerts belongs to you and only you.

More interesting than a painting with a told meaning is a painting that evokes infinite responses.

Download my app and enjoy browsing through my paintings, would love to hear from you.

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