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Zapya WebShare - File Sharing in Web Browser - APK Downloa

Zapya WebShare - به اشتراک گذاری فایل در مرورگر وب

Free download android Zapya WebShare - File Sharing in Web Browser APK
Android APK  Zapya WebShare - File Sharing in Web Browser free download


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Download this app named Zapya WebShare - File Sharing in Web Browser.

Zapya, the world’s fastest file sharing tool, has been well received on multiple platforms since its launch. Now Zapya has a dedicated app for the Android platform in the form a simple and yet powerful tool known as WebShare.

WebShare will allow users to access all of the contents of an Android phone from any device that can connect to the Android phone by WLAN, 4G, WiFi Hotspot or WiFi Direct. Instead of having to download an application onto your computer, all of the following can be done in the web browser to control the Android phone :

- View Photos
- Play Songs
- تماشای فیلم ها
- Access any folders on the phone
- Download files from the phone
- Upload files onto phone
- Access Android Apps(.apk)
- Remote control the phone camera

New and interesting usage scenario:
- View Android content from web browser on another phone
- Remote control Android camera, now your old phone can be used as a baby monitor, or hidden camera!
- Display Android notifications and messages in the web browser
- Send text from web browser to Android clipboard and search site

Zapya WebShare - Simple Multi-Platform File Access

به روز رسانی:

1. Fixed an issue of screen recording floating window failing to show up on older phones;
2. Fixed an issue of failing to install apps of unknown source on some phones;
3. Fixed an issue of failing to share video to WeChat on phones with Android v7.0 and above;
4. Fixed an issue of recorded video failing to play on iOS device;
5. Fixed an issue of flashing screen when screen recording starts;

آن را از Google Play دریافت کنید



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