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Traditionally, there are two approaches to preparing for a Math exam - solve practice problems on your own or read through collections of solutions hoping they will stick.

Neither works too well for the vast majority of students. Problems are often hard to solve entirely on your own and "studying" the solution to one problem does not guarantee mastery over the next one.

We offer a third approach, a middle-path if you will - by testing your ability to detect mistakes others have made in solving a Math problem. Because after all, to spot a mistake, one needs to first understand the underlying concepts.

We can help you understand which concepts you must review, which formulas you must practice and which skills you must sharpen in order to improve your performance in Class XII Math.

We can tell you, for example, that in Trigonometry you need to review the expansion of sin (A+B) while in Differentiation you need to practice the Quotient Rule.

So, work through our problems, find the mistakes others have made and thereby gain precise insights about your own areas of improvement.


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