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In 2018, World Health Organisation (WHO) reported over 466 million (5%) cases of disabling hearing loss globally. With the increase in incidence of hearing loss, it is estimated that by 2050 more than 900 million people (10%) will be affected.
The major cause of disabling hearing loss include congenital defects, middle ear infection, noise induced or age related defects.
The impact of hearing loss is profound as it include loss of the ability to communicate in children leading to social isolation, loneliness and frustration in older people too.
Hence, keeping the seriousness and impact of the problem in mind, Amitrajit Ghosh has developed an app for audiometry screening named EUPHONY to make the audiometry examination handy and easily accessible in a single click.

Sounds vary based on intensities and speed. An audiometry test evaluates the hearing ability of an individual. The app I designed includes 4 STEPS.

FIRST STEP includes HEARING HISTORY where the individual taking the screening test needs to follow instructions and mention the challenges faced in hearing at different conditions.

SOUND DETECTION marks the SECOND STEP of screening. In this step audio of different intensities can be heard. Based on the hearing ability, the individual needs to select suitable answers.

STEP 3 includes the WORD RECOGNITION ability. In this step audio mentioning different words will be played. The person taking the test requires to select the correct option from the drop down.

Finally in STEP 4 report will be generated based on the inputs of STEP 1, STEP 2, STEP 3 and thereafter diagnosis will be provided.

You are requested to kindly go through the Terms and Conditions and in case of any disagreement re-consider your use of the app. Your further use of the app will be construed as your express acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and you will be strictly bound by the same.

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Developer: Amitrajit Ghosh