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Surah Baqrah Audio mp3 offline Download

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Surah Baqrah Audio mp3 offline

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i) Whoever recites surah al Baqarah and surah
Aali Imran would go directly near the Ahl ul Bayt on
the day of reckoning under the shade of these two
surahs appearing as clouds.
ii) whoever recites the first 4 verses, the verse of
Kursi with the two following verses, and the three
last verses of surah al Baqarah would never come
across any undesirable event (his family and property would also remain) safe; Shaytan would not come
near him, and he would never forget the Holy Quran.
In Thawabul Aamal it is narrated from as-Sadiq (a.s.) that he
said: One who recites al-Baqarah and Aale Imran would come to us
on the Day of Judgment in such a state that both of them would be
shading him like two clouds or two mantles.

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