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Run this app named Aya - Teach. Learn. Manage. or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Currently available only in Mumbai. Working towards adding more cities.

Aya has 8 different types of user interfaces and feature sets so it appears and functions differently for every user.

Estudiantes -

Auto mejora

Get a detailed breakdown of exam performances and identify areas that need improvement. Get access to digital content such as quiz, apps, books, videos etc that have been shortlisted and curated by your teachers and us. Start discussions or clear doubts in a safe friendly environment. Create and join clubs of your interest.


Afraid of exams ? Get everyday notifications from teachers in the run up to your exams on what and how much to study everyday. Chat connect with friends in the safe environment of your institute. Publish news articles to express views and get replies on them from people only in your institute.

Ideas inteligentes

Get a feedback form for every lecture and clear doubts on a per lecture bases. Track your attendance, timetable, holidays, assignments, notices, achievements etc. Prepare for future lectures using session planner feature.

Administrators -

Mejorar la eficiencia

Offer students curated digital content or upload your own content. Manage fees and receive payments via app. Complete your vacancies through a streamlined process. Reduce unnecessary employee downtime by using the workflow feature and reduce costs.

Get and perform monthly employee performance reviews and manage your institute through the app. Cash flow and salaries feature will help you keep a track of your finances. Auto generate monthly defaulters list. Manage employee attendances and working hours.

Exams section

Conduct exams, manage results and evaluate student-teacher performances all through the app

Tareas cotidianas

Manage timetables, arrange lectures based on teachers or divisions. Always know which classrooms are available. Mark attendances through your phone or have students register it through their phones. Send important notices to everyone through the app. Reply all enquiries on your phone.

Maestros -

Reduce workload

Create your own lesson plans or use curated ones. Use session planner feature to keep track and manage lectures through different divisions. Create exam coach notifications to guide students through exam preparation. Send notices to students-parents as a class or subject teacher.

Equilibrio trabajo-vida

Limit social interactions to the app. Separate school related contacts from everyday contacts. Clear and reply to students doubts and create, track, manage and evaluate assignments all through the app. Have a pop quiz post every lecture. Get feedback of every lecture hours before you conduct the next lecture, Helping you prepare your sessions.

Padres -

Mantente al día

Provide your child with an encapsulated and curated version of social networking and digital media. Get in touch with teachers and principals and get replies on your queries. Participate in events and clubs. Manage and attend PTA functions through the app. Through the medical emergency feature be assured of your childs well being.


Check and understand your childs performance. Identify areas that need improvement and encouragement. View your childs performance compared to entire division and class performance.

For enquiries -
Email me at
Call/Whatsapp at +91 8097657457
Use the apps guest section

Precios -

30 day trial period after that its free for the first 25 students

1 per day per student

Aya is free for teachers, parents, principals, ex-students, staff, trustees, administrators and guest users. I am only charging you based on the number of students you have. Its free for everyone else.

If you have concerns about your data, The app is also capable of running on your servers. So you can keep and manage your institutes data.

If you would like to use this app but truly cannot afford it, please email me at
I will provide you with a free account

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