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CancerStop is a quick reference guide for different cancers by providing

1) An interactive survival charts (age at diagnosis),
2) A curated search engine,
3) A direct link to relevant clinical trials,
4) Listing approved cancer drugs (NCI), and
5) Search for Gene Panel results.

Survival Curves
-------- ------
This feature is an interactive tool that presents the survival curve for a given cancer and age of diagnosis. Actual results from graphs may vary based on health of individual like Tissue grading and staging (in case of solid tumors), ECOG score, success of the proposed treatment in clinical trials, besides other factors. These represent typically observed survival rates as culled from the NCIs SEER program. As medical research and technology advances further and the standard of living improves these are very likely to change. Numbers for these curves are for information purposes only. NO RESPONSIBILITY IS CLAIMED WHATSOEVER.

This is a curated search engine powered by Google custom search. Sites and sources are manually curated and checked so as to keep the results as relevant as possible. The tabs are further refinement of the search results. The Literature tab narrows down the results to show only relevant papers and biomedical literature from sources like Pubmed and others. Please contact us for any other medically relevant sources that you feel should also be included. We will be glad to review it and add it to our list.

Ensayos Clínicos
-------- ------
This particular feature links the selected cancer on the initial page to Herein one is connected to different ongoing clinical trials from around the globe. One can include search parameters in the search box that is presented. One can also use advanced searches therein.

Drogas aprobadas
-------- -----
This feature connects the selected cancer type to approved drugs as presented in NCI's website. These pages are updated by NCI when new cancer drugs are approved.

Genes and More
----- --- ----
Genes & More provides you with more information about a Gene and its Variants. Currently,this feature connects you to ClinVar (from NCBI). In future this could be updated.

With the advent of whole-genome sequencing techniques, this feature becomes especially useful as gene panel reports become available to everyone who gets their genome sequenced. As costs for sequencing come down further its only time before every user needs to access services like these to determine the course of therapy using precision medicine.

This feature is particularly useful for research professionals who wish to have a quick reference on a gene variant from an NGS sequencing output or report. Regular users can also use the format provided they have the Gene name and Variant from a Gene Panel report.

\tInput format
\t\tFor Gene: Enter the Gene Name in HUGO format e.g.BCOR, NPM1
\t\tFor Variant: Enter either the
\t\t\t"c." for a coding DNA sequence (like "c.4009C>T")
\t\t\t"g." for a genomic sequence (like g.119522C>T)
\t\t\t"p." for a protein sequence (like p.Ser1397Tyr)
NOTE: This feature is likely to undergo more improvements and upgrades for use in Precision Medicine.


The app is not affiliated with any of the external sources presented herein. Sites and sources used here are from prominently used information sources. These sources are likely to update as and when needed.

AS ALWAYS one should always speak with your Doctor OR Health Care Professional for any further guidance. Contents provided here are for information purposes only. NO RESPONSIBILITY IS CLAIMED WHATSOEVER.

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