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Error Analysis Scientific Advance Calculator Download

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Error Analysis Scientific Advance Calculator

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Worst Case Scenario Error Analysis Scientific Advance Calculator

This is a MUST for people working with uncertainties or error in the field of error analysis.

This Scientific Calculator App calculates the Worst Case Scenario for the uncertainties/error for your error analysis problems in the following areas:

\tAll the mathematical operations from basic to advance
\tExponential and Logarithmic tasks
\tTrigonometry Functions and their Inverses
\tHyperbolic Trigonometric Functions and their Inverses
\tIn Degrees, Radians & Gradians

Do you want to know the worst case scenario of the uncertainty/error after applying a complex formula? NO PROBLEM! With this advanced calculator app just input your values and their uncertainties/errors into your formula and hit equal. Its that EASY!

For example, say you wanted to know the voltage of a discharging capacitive circuit, v(t)=v(0)e^(-t/RC), where v(0)=5.000.02v, t=5001microsec., R=110% M-ohms, C=1,00020%pf. Just enter 5.000.02e^(Neg500EXPNeg61EXPNeg6/(1EXP610%x1000EXPNeg1220%)). Hit equals and out pops the answer of 3.00.5v, which is 3.016%.

All operations and functions can handle numbers with their uncertainty/errors written as a number a number or a number a percentage and the answer is written in both of these forms, where applicable. Or if desired it can also work as a Scientific Calculator with no uncertainty/error.

My book, NUMBERS and Number Systems, explains the math behind this advanced worst case scenario calculator app and is available on

And best of all, the App is FREE! But it may not be for long, so install it today.

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Developer: Edward G. Fleming

Genre: Tools

App version: 1.1

App size: 2.8M

Recent changes: Version 1.1


Excellent Calculator for Error Analysis for Calculating Worst Case Scenario'