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Why spend a single penny buying counting gadgets like chanting counters, chanting count clicker, mini hand tally counter, finger ring digital electronic counter, japa clicker for Maha-Mantra chanting, digital mantra counter, counting machines for chanting etc., when eRosary gives you much more than what anyone of these machines give, for free of cost with no burden of carrying an additional gadget, since we all have a one-in-all gadget called mobile phone.

You must have guessed by now what eRosary is all about. Yet I will brief a bit more on it. eRosary is a prayer chanting count manager.

eRosary features:
1 - Set number of beads in a rosary.
2 - Carry forward your previous chant counts done by other means to continue chanting on eRosary.
3 - Keep track of daily chant counting as you pray.
4 - Deposit your daily counts of rosaries and beads.
5 - Choose your preferred language . Currently supports English and Hindi languages.

eRosary, as the name states is an electronic rosary which transforms physical rosary into virtual rosary using mobile phone. User can actually do their prayers, chanting, malas anytime anywhere. Download this app within minutes and get started with the absolute user friendly eRosary.

It costs you, your rating and valuable feedback only. Be rest assured you will not receive any reminders for rating and feedback as eRosary doesn't want to distract you from your prayers.

Why is a rosary used for prayers? In olden times where modern technology was not so advanced, a string of specific number of beads called Rosary was used to keep a count of chants of prayers or the name or names of a deity in almost all parts of the world.

Need of transformation: In this modern era and faced paced environment, most of the people hold mobile phones in their hands to have connectivity with the world around and hence, while on the move it may not be always practically possible to engage your other hand too for holding the rosary for prayers. Hence, the need for eRosary to substitute the use of the physical rosary thereby making

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Developer: Ramakant Chaturvedi

Genre: Personalization

App version: 1.1

App size: 4.2M

Recent changes: 1) Fixed bug in hindi help
2) Added action share
3) Added pinch zoom in help screens
4) Replaced action add current with + (plus) icon


ई रोजरी बहुत अच्छी ऐप है, इसके माध्यम से आप कही भी चलते फिरते हरि नाम ले सकते हैं।

ईश भजनु सारथी सुजाना... ईश्वर के भजन करने हेतु भक्तों के लिए बड़ा ही उपयोगी साधन है...

Amazing app, better than other chanting apps on play store

बहुत उपयोगी है।।

Simple and easy to use.....just the apt choice for chanting.....'