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How do I download the app?
Head to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app. Or, you can just tap here.
Our app isnt yet available for IOS, Windows or Blackberry. Instead, you can use and bookmark our mobile site.
How do I stay safe on the road?
Stay safe by controlling what you can. Like seatbelts! Make sure everyone has one (and uses it). Here are simple ways to stay safe:

Im a passenger
- Put your luggage in the boot, not on the rear window shelf.
- If youre travelling with young ones, check these rules to see if you need a child seat. Its your responsibility, dont assume the driver will have one.
- Offer to share the wheel, if you have a licence.
- Talk by all means, but dont distract the driver.

Im a driver
- Dont use your phone! Your passengers can set up the sat nav, you can take calls hands-free.
- Take a break every two hours.
- Travelling at night? Make sure you rest and take a nap before travelling.
- Make sure your vehicle is insured and has a valid MOT.
- Check your tyres pressure, oil, water, brakes, headlights, window wipers.
- Respect all traffic laws.

Is a driver responsible for their passengers luggage?
A driver is responsible for everything in the vehicle. This includes luggage that belongs to their passengers.
A driver therefore has the right to open and check their passengers luggage. Just as a passenger can ask to see the drivers license or insurance.
We recommend that everyone labels their luggage to avoid any mix-ups.
Moreover, you can use the SOS button to call the police stations in case of an urgent situation.
What is expected of me when I travel?
Drivers: Take care of your passengers and listen to their requests, within reason, of course. Drive safely and calmly, remain focused on the road and dont be careless. Arrive on schedule at the agreed location and drop passengers off at a suitable and agreed location (not by the side of the motorway or in the middle of nowhere!). To ensure everyones comfort, do not overfill a car, especially if passengers have luggage.
Passengers: A carpool is not your own personal taxi, arrive at the starting point before the ride start, do not cancel at the last minute or make any outrageous demands (e.g. a 25 minute detour). Do not try to negotiate the price that has already been agreed. Respect drivers preferences about things like music and smoking, leaving their car clean and tidy.

Basic reminders
*Give genuine information
I will create a profile with my real name and photo, and only offer rides on trips I actually intend to make.
*Think road safety
I will follow the rules of the road and take care of myself and others.
*Give fair ratings
I will leave honest, accurate and polite ratings about other members.
*Be reliable
I will show up for my ride on time, stick to the details agreed, and leave the car clean and tidy.
*Be considerate and welcoming
I will consider the preferences of the Ride Group and respect the car I'm travelling in!
I will make the most of my carpooling experience and help others enjoy it too!
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Developer: Bertrand Alame Tshitavu

Genre: Maps & Navigation

App version: 6.0

App size: 10M

Recent changes: Optimized for newer android versions.

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