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The InVentry Anywhere app gives users access to various mobile features found in their sign in and visitor management system.
InVentry Version 4.4.1 required.

The InVentry sign-in system is trusted by more than 5,000 organisations and helps improve the efficiency of entry into any building. The InVentry Anywhere app acts as an extension of your InVentry Anywhere licence and allows the following functionality.


The evacuation tool is used to ensure that everyone is accounted for in case of an emergency. From the app, organisations can access a real-time copy of everyone who is onsite, trigger site wide evacuations and account for all signed in people across multiple muster points.


Within the app, users can quickly book their own visitors as well as see what visitors they have booked in for that day. When a new visitor is added via the app it also adds them to the organisations main InVentry system to speed up the sign in process when they arrive.


The staff element of the app allows users to remotely sign in and out of their organisation, using their device instead of using the InVentry touchscreen or ID card. They can also see at a glance who has signed in on that day. This is particularly useful if users quickly need to know if someone is onsite or not.

Pupils (available for education customers)

The pupil element of the app allows users to view late arrivals, early leavers, sixth formers on-site and the full session register (MIS support dependant) during a site-wide evacuation.

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