Surah Mujadilah

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Surah al-Mujadilah (The Pleading One)
There are 22 ayaat in this Surah and it was revealed in Madinah. The Holy Prophet (S) said that the one who recites this Surah will be from among the thankful servants of Allah (S.w.T.) on the Day of Judgement. If Surah al-Mujadilah is recited near a sick person, or worn by the sick person as a talisman, he will be cured of his illness. If recited on anything that has been buried in the ground, it will remain protected until the person himself removes it.
Reciting this Surah brings a feeling of ease to a restless person. Constant recitation also protects one from thieves. Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (a.s.) has said that recitation of this Surah keeps one safe from the evil designs of Jinn and men. If recited on dust or sand and then thrown towards the enemy, he is easily overcome.
Reward of reciting Surah Mujadilah
1. The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said: One who regularly recites Surah Hadid and Surah Mujadilah regularly in his obligatory prayers, Allah would not chastise him as long as he lives.

i) If a person recites surah al Hadid and surah al
Mujadilah in his obligatory salats regularly Allah
would not punish him so long as he lives in this world; neither he nor his family would face any
trouble or worry, nor he would be afflicted with a detestable disease.
ii) Whoso recites this surah would get deliverance on the day of judgement.
iii) If this surah is recited for a sick man, near him, he would be fully cured; or a tawiz with the written text of this surah is hung around his neck he would be cured.
iv) If any valuabel article or document is kept or
buried in safe place recite this sruah. It would remain safe there until its owner takes it out.
v) If this surah is recited near a sick man he would have a peaceful sleep.
vi) Whoso recites this surah regularly his property would remain safe from thieves and burglars.
vii) If this surah is written on paper and kept near the grains or seeds inshallah, the harmful pests, insects and rodents would not come near to destroy

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