Mental Health for Anxiety, Depression, & Bipolar

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A Community of Support
For those who have ever felt alone, battled depression, and lived with anxiety, Supgro is here to be that support team. Its a positive community where people have real conversations about how they feel: alone, misunderstood, and unhappy. You dont have to pretend to be happy for us: come as you are.

Never Feel Alone Again
Supgro was created to help users feel supported and connected at all times, 24-7. Whether youre at home alone, feeling sad, or thinking about harmful actions, Supgro is designed to be the friend in your pocket that you need at a moments notice.

Talk Safely with Support Teams
You are free to talk about depression, loneliness, PTSD, bipolar, suicidal thoughts, and the list goes on. No judgment and pure love, as we work to support one another through our hardships.

App Categories:
\tAnxiety: if you are experiencing anxiety, connect with other individuals who can relate.
\tFeeling alone: you never have to feel alone again. Talk to someone when you need to.
\tEating disorder: we have a non-judgmental eating disorder community that will relate to your experiences.
\tDepression: depression can be a lonely journey, which is why we want you to feel less lonely.
\tSelf-harm: if you are thinking about hurting yourself, talk to your community. We are here to listen.
\tMeeting space: meet and connect with people from around the world.

Feel Connected During the Bad Times, and Celebrated During the Good Times
You deserve to be loved and cherished exactly as you are. You dont need to bottle up your feelings. Vent anonymously, connect with community members, and learn more about yourself along the way. We want you to love yourself.

Better times are ahead. Download Supgro and say hi to our community. They are excited to meet you.

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