Beautiful Butterflies

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And with so many species, believe me, it's hard to choose the best. By the way, some of the most interesting. Portrayed, in turn, in paintings and of course, in various designs. Good fun!

Well, readers, and when you talk about butterflies, different works are cataloged. Many of them, focused on art and more, on experimentalism.

There are many beautiful species of butterflies in the world, of which I leave here a collection made by me, I hope you like it.

Beautiful, elegant and charming. Who does not like having your garden populated by colorful butterflies? All! But these butterflies are not for everyone - they are rare, some are even on the verge of extinction, and dazzling any of the beautiful butterflies that make up this list will be a real treat!

To justify the few (or no) posts of tomorrow (I'm going to do a new lithotripsy), I decided to share with you another showcase of lovely photographs. This time we focus on the grace and beauty provided by the colorful details of butterflies. They are an exciting subject, both for macro and distance photos, depending on their colors and poses.

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