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Run this app named Sleep Time Tracker & Smart Alarm or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Sleep Time Tracker & Smart Alarm app offers you a simple and engaging way to get better sleep using a sleep tracker, sleep timer and sleep clock and smart alarm.

Sleep Time Tracker start your day feeling energized with our intelligent alarm clock and sleep tracker using your phone.

Sleep Time Tracker & Smart Alarm wakes you up while you are in light sleep and is a natural way to start your day. you can get detailed reports as Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep patterns, from bedtime until you're waking up. Track sleep and use the data to help you sleep better today with best alarm clock and sleep diary to sleep well.

Wake up calm, refreshed, and well rested every night, Track your sleep cycle, monitor dreams, improve bedtime habits, sleep patterns & wake up better with sleep tracker app with smart alarm clock.

Set Alarm:
- Set your alarm by choosing time.
- Set alarm in repeat mode from weekdays option and select days of weeks as per your requirement.
- Set custom alarm tone using storage option.
- By enabling smart wake up alarm. The alarm will ring before your actual time of alarm (default time is 10 minutes).

Smart wake up:

- By using this option you can wake up a bit earlier then your actual time because early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable.
- Set smart wake up time and volume to ring alarm before your actual alarm.
- Adjust alarm time using set alarm volume option.

Bed time notification:

- By using this option you can get a notification at your sleep time.
- Select time and get notification at that time every day by enabling notification option.

Sleep with sound:

- By using this option you can hear a soft sounds which can help you to sleep more peacefully.
- Use different kind of sound like nature, birds, vehicles or any ocean sounds which can make your mind more calm to get better sleep.

Record sleep sound:

- By using this option u can record sound of what is happening in your room while you are sleeping.
- set end time to stop recording at that time automatically and by clicking start recording, voice recording would be record till the end time.
- It can help to identify what has happened in your room while you were sleeping.
- List of recorded sounds.

Sleep counter:

- By using this option you can count your daily sleep hours.
- Set quick alarm by using different option to set alarm from current time.
- For example you want to take a quick nap for 15 minutes so you can click on "15 min" option to ring alarm after 15 minutes from current time.
- Add sleep time using plus option to calculate sleep hours and get Avg. sleep hours calculate from list as per days.

My dream diary:

- Write your dream and make a list of it day by day using this option.
- Share your dream notes with other.

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