Sky Invader

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Sky invader is a fun and compelling game for all ages. Draw vertical and horizontal lines to partition the balls into smaller spaces. Once the balls are contained, you get to move on to the next level.

::::::::::::::::::::::GAME PLAY STEPS::::::::::::::::

1. You need to swipe with your finger left or right or top or bottom on the screen.
2. You will see a thin red line drawing with respect to your swipe gesture.
3. Once the line is drawn from one corner to the other, the area beneath the white layer gets revealed.
4. If you can reveal 80% of the sky, you will win & you will play next level.

:::::::::::::::::::FOUL OR GAME OVER::::::::::::::::::

1. While Drawing the line if ball touches the line then you loose one chance.
2. If you loose all your chances the game gets over and you need to begin the game from the start again.

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