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Scorentino is a must-have game organizer, score-tracker, and digital coach. With this app you can:

1. Organize your game - create your group and invite friends. Track RSVPs, then organize the game by splitting players into teams. What are the odds of your team winning? Scorentino gives you prediction based on your previous games!

2. Track scores real-time - bring one phone with you to the pitch and start the game as usual. With only one difference - when somebody scores, track it in the app. Just two clicks to assign the goal to the scoring player will eventually bring you rich stats afterwards. Totally worth it!

3. Analyze the data - Ever wondered how many goals do you usually score? If it is more, or less, than an average player in your group? And how many top scorer badges did you actually gain until today? Track your and your group's performance in time and improve based on data!

Supported sports:

Football / Soccer
American football / Rugby
Any other sport where score is tracked

Some of the awesome features you wouldn't find any other similar app:

Explore player nearby - surely there are enthusiasts playing your favorite sport and searching for additional players. Want to join? Scorentino helps you connect with those guys and enjoy your game wherever you are in the world.
Organize your friends - minutes before the game starts and still not sure who joins the game today? Will always-late John make it on time today? Is there even going to be enough players for the match? With Scorentino you are always sure well ahead of time.
Pre-set your match - split players into the teams before you meet on the pitch. Know odds of winning against the other team. Be sure the game is ready without your intervention and just focus to become the top scorer again!
Track scores real-time - you don't have to remember the current score in the middle of the game anymore. With just two clicks you can assign a goal to a player and see which team is winning. Just bring a smartphone with Scorentino app with you to the pitch.
Earn badges, win medals - on top of the hard stats like goals scored, time played or matches attended, there are great motivational badges you can earn with each game! These medals accumulate within your profile so your competitor knows who is he dealing with!
Analyze like a pro - You can't improve what you don't measure is famous quote well applicable to athletes, too. Scorentino uses advanced statistical models, machine learning and big data processing to provide feedback you wouldn't get from any coach.

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