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Scania (Skne) is a fantastic region with many scenic areas. In Explore Scania, we show you the way to a number of our favorites.
For each area, tours are described that are suitable for both pleasant walks and tough runs. The focus is on areas we are committed to and to which we are happy to return.
To make it easy to get a grip on the different areas and trails, short descriptions are included, both of the areas as a whole and of the individual trails. There are also plenty of pictures both of the landscape around the trails and in different places along the trails worth a visit.
The map view shows exactly how the different trails run through the landscape and where different sights are located. You can use it at home to get an idea on where the trails go and when on the trail to see your current position displayed on the map so you can easily follow the trail you have chosen.
Explore Scania is integrated with Google Maps to make it easy to find the starting position for the various trails.

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