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Run this app named Memo Data Base(FREE) or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Please select ... (Usage Environment Config) in the upper right of the screen and use the initial setting of the use environment after using it

Data registration and search can be divided into 3 fields (memo pad, word book, idiom entries). You can also attach files
(Since "Classification" is displayed on TAB, registration data can be retrieved easily)
(Word books / idioms are available in multiple languages by the input language selection function "English Spanish Japanese Indonesian")
(Select attached file by pressing attached button Attach button Delete attached file with long press)

About the search button (display of registered data)
Easily list necessary information by selecting search data
(Specification of search data is possible from all registered data of classification key data detailed data comment)
(It is possible to search even ambiguous memory by the ambiguous search function)
(If you forget the registration condition, you can also display all data unconditionally ... Registration data will never become searchable)
(Because item titles are displayed for each 5 lines of detailed display data (letter color change per line), the data is easy to see)
(The data is displayed at the end of the same display order as a result of confirmation check at the right end of the detail data temporary maintenance of data which you do not want to delete
It is a function that can be used as a tube)
(Display of data is display order / confirmed state)
(Keywords used for registration / search can be freely changed on the usage environment setting screen)

About addition button (data addition)
When the classification key data (word 1 / idiomatic phrase 1) are the same, the additional data is automatically merged with the existing data