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\xa0 \xa0 \xa0 \xa0 FATIH RADIO:

Faith Radio was started in 2006 by Impact Ministries Uganda in partnership with First Love Ministries USA.
Faith Radio is a Christ focused radio station broadcasting at 90.5FM from Mbale, Uganda.
Faith Radio broadcasts in English and local Eastern Ugandan languages such as: Luganda, Lugisu and Ateso.
Special treatment is given to other local languages including Swahili for the listeners in the neighboring country of Kenya.
Radio is the primary source of news for the typical Ugandan.

Regular electricity in the villages or towns does not\xa0even exist. Even in the larger cities the power is often off several days a week.

The populace depends on charcoal fires to cook. The use of TV or Internet is out of the question unless one goes to an Internet Bar/Club to pay for time on the internet or watch TV.

Therefore dry cell radios are how the majority of Ugandan people get the news and current events.

Our audience is young. The average age in Uganda is 15.5 years, with a life expectancy of about 53 years.\xa0HIV/AIDS has decimated the adult population because few can afford treatment.\xa0As a consequence there are thousands of orphans, as the typical family unit is being devastated.

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