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Chess is a great mind trainer! Studying chess is the development of thinking, an increase in the level of intelligence, the formation of character.

Teaching chess to children and adults helps to educate and form creative individuals with a high level of IQ, who are able to make flexible non-standard decisions and endure life's difficulties.

If self-education is an important part of your life, and chess is one of your hobbies, then the MaximSchool chess school does an excellent and useful job, selecting interesting tactical puzzles and chess games that provide a unique opportunity to study chess openings, middlegame playing ideas, strategy and tactics!

The free version of the app "Chess - Scottish Gambit" contains 20 interesting puzzles on combinations with victory, achieving advantage, winning pieces and checkmating in several moves.
After solving each of them, the opportunity opens up to watch the whole chess game, from which the position of the problem was obtained.
In the full version of the application, 224 tasks are waiting for you.

The puzzles are divided into groups according to the main lines of the Scottish Gambit. In all games of this application, chess players who played with white pieces won.

Authors of the idea, selection of chess games and exercises: Irina Baraeva (IRINACHESS.RU), Maxim Kuksov (MAXIMSCHOOL.RU).

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