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Feel the thrill, horror and speed of a roller coaster, the fear of jumping out of an airplane without parachute or get excited feeling of excitement and pleasure of a us military skydive! All these sensations only with your phone, vr glasses or cardboard!

You don't need (virtual reality) VR glasses, because the app contains hundreds of 3d videos vr 360 degrees. But if you have VR Glasses or a Cardboard you will love it!

Tons of VR Roller Coaster 360! You will feel a real 360 roller coaster ride because this vr app contains with the best 3D fantasy ride!

You will enjoy multiple sensations and temes: vr roller coaster ride, vr horror and fear, theme park with a 3d sensations and with a view of 360, us military skydive, vr parachute, skydiving 3d, wingswit vr, base jump, horror hospital, etc.

These are simulations of the reality with a very realistic experience so be careful if you have heart issues. Like in any vr Game you must be careful.

Our app has multiple thrill level and 3d roller coaster vr from all over the world. Feel a real high-speed with our 360 VR Videos and have fun like you would have in a real theme park. Our VR roller coaster simulation let you to ride it in vr 360 videos 3d. It bring the theme park to your home just using your smartphone!!! Feel like taking a roller or a spin in the most amazing roller coaster. Experience the racing down the track at top speed in full 360 VR.

Google Cardboard powered stereoscopic rendering and head tracking for mobile VR.
Go through a vr Roller Coaster Ride, with the most Terrifying 360 VR Experience. But also you can select a scary ride with Ghost, Demons, and Creatures await you with Scareshocks and Encounters.
Exciting VR Roller Coaster 360 3d video experience with loops and dives.
Tons of 3d videos 360 vr!
Make sure you use a headset with highest volume and brightness is all turned up to maximum to get the best Horror VR Experience.
If you have Problems with your Heart or other symptoms that may be affected by for Strobing Lights, Shockscares, or High unexpected Sounds, we do not recommend that you play this game. Also, take note that the game has Graphical elements content that some viewers can find upsetting. Like in any vr Game you must be careful.

If you are looking for free VR (free virtual reality) "3d Roller Coaster apps" this is your app. Choose your favourite vr roller coaster 3d and dive on this 3d vr (virtual reality). The real graphics 3d high hd or the films of reality simulation will make you feel hundreds of sensations like speed, free fall, horror, fear, joy, happiness, vertigo, etc

Get ready for such an interesting and thrilling ride with our 3D VR roller coaster. While sitting on the 360 roller coaster 3d you might be able to see all the other passengers along with you and having fun, Lots of carts are hooked together to start your daring trip. So the 3D roller Coaster vr 360 is waiting for running on track! Download Simulate 3D VR Roller Coaster and enjoy real unlimited fun and thrill.

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