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Natural remedies have been used and transmitted from generation to generation. Own personal experiences have been those that have been transmitting these tips from one generation to another.
In this application we have tried to gather the best natural tips not only to treat your ailments but to take care of your hair, moisturize your skin in a natural way, treat your nails ...
The advice that appears here at no time is intended to replace the advice of a health professional or the prescription that a doctor can make, we only intend to help your ailments, all in a natural way.
Home remedies have been used as natural treatments to fight the disease.
With this application we aim to alleviate your discomfort with simple advice. In addition, the tips that we present here can serve as beauty tricks both masks for the face and revitalize your nails, or give volume to your hair.
At no time do we intend to substitute a medication or a formula that has been prescribed for you, we only intend to offer you one more point of view to try to cure your discomfort.
The variety of herbs that exist and their different healing properties allow us to establish a classification of them and allows us to give a utility according to our needs to cure our ailments.
If what you want is to take care of your health, you have found the right application since in it you will find a multitude of videos with adequate remedies to find that well-being you are looking for.
We do not intend to substitute the medicines, but if you lower the consumption of them using foods and remedies that our ancestors already used. Improve your joints, your stomach and you will recover the state of mind.
By reducing the consumption habit of medicines you will achieve a healthier life, you will see an increase in your health every day if you follow all these tips.
We will advise you what plants you can use and how you can cure your ailments with them.
All these tips are not only indicated as treatments for your ills but you can find tips for hair care, for your nails, for stretch marks, acne ...
You will learn that foods in a natural way can help you to fight your ailments, so do not hesitate and download today this application that you can share with family and friends.

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