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Listen to the best of Latin music with your favorite artists and the most successful songs that sound the most.
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A genre that never ceases to amaze for the quality of its lyrics and catchy rhythms in Latin music you will find only the top of reggaeton music, bachata music, salsa music and much more where you can enjoy your favorite genre in a single application.
Take yourself with you or wherever you go the best Latin music with your genres with the hits and the newest of the music that you like the most.
The reggaeton music originated from its predecessor reggae in Spanish. After this event the reggaeton was kept as the original reggae of Jamaica, with the same instruments and the same vocal melodies but with different lyrics. While in Puerto Rico, reggae beats were used on rap bases but with different lyrics and compositions.
Bachata music is a dance genre originally from the Dominican Republic, within what is called urban folklore. It is considered a derivative of the rhythmic bolero, influenced by other styles such as Cuban son and merengue.
Bachata emerged in the urban marginality of the bars and brothels of Santo Domingo. During the sixties and early seventies, disdained as the music of the poor classes, it was known as amargue music. This concept referred to the state of melancholy caused by lack of love.
Salsa music is a danceable musical genre resulting from the synthesis of Cuban son, and other genres of Caribbean music, with jazz and other American rhythms. The salsa has regional scenes from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican, Colombia and other Latin American countries. The salsa was consolidated as a commercial success by musicians of Caribbean origin (Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans) in the city of New York in the 1960s, although its roots go back to previous decades in countries of the Greater Caribbean.3 Salsa It includes several styles such as salsa dura, salsa romntica and timba.
Latin music, also called Latin American music, Latin music or "Latin rhythms", is music grown in the countries of Latin America. It includes native genres of the region such as bolero, salsa, bossa nova, tropical music, merengue, or bachata, among others, and also the genres that derive from more international styles such as pop, rock and Latin jazz.

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