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Do you want to read information from QR images? Or maybe you need to generate some QR codes for your website, phone number or just convert a piece of text into a QR code?

Use this fast and easy QR code scanner. It can help you with all these tasks!

QR code scanner is one of the fastest and simplest QR code scanners for all Android phones. The program scans 3 types of QR codes and it is extremely easy to use.

You just need to open the app, and it automatically recognizes the QR code as quickly as possible.

The QR scanner has all the functions you need. This QR code scanning app also provides the functions of a QR code generator that generates a QR code.

Main advantages of QR code scanner
- Absolutely free
- Realy ease of use
- Scan history available
- Scanning happens instantly
- Beautiful minimalist design
- Doesn't require an internet connection
- Easy to scan and generate QR code
- Powerful QR decoding speed
- QR code has generator mode, that allows you to encrypt information like phone number, URL, or text and share it anyone you want
- Generate a QR code for a piece of text, weblink, or phone number
- QR history is saved
- Flashlight for scanning in poor visibility conditions

How to use QR code scanner:

1. Open the QR scanner app
2. Point your mobile camera at the QR code
3. QR-code reader will automatically detect, scan, and decode all QR codes
4. Get the results related to the QR code scanner

QR code reader app does not require special permission. It does not collect any personal information. It doesn't require access to your device storage, contact list, or anything else. It is simply a QR code reader app to help you scan QR codes wherever and whenever you want.

Download the QR-code scanner app right now for free and enjoy it!

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