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The GoLivePhone app includes the following core features:

Companion App for the GoLiveClip: Activity monitoring and safety features

GLP includes a replacement for the standard Android apps. The apps have simplified menus with fewer options, larger text size and high contrast. Each of the replacement apps can be enabled or disabled.

Together with GoLiveClip we offer features specifically design for the users safety:

Emergency alert
A single push of a button sends help requests to your emergency contacts, including an exact location.

Activity levels
The GoLiveClip continuously collects activity data. The GoLivePhone app displays this information, including: steps, calories, distance, speed and amount of time spent moderate and vigorous activity.

Fall risk analysis
This app, in connection with the GoLiveClip, calculates and displays the user's current fall risk. The GoLiveActive feature offers personalised exercises to improve balance and agility.

Automatic fall detection
As soon as a falling incident is registered by the GoLiveClip, the app automatically sends a help request to the emergency contacts. If one of these contact calls the user, the call is automatically answered and speaker mode turned on.

Note: These features require SMS permissions. This app uses Accessibility services. By downloading this application you agree with our privacy policy: https://www.goliveclip.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Gociety-Solutions_Privacy_Policy_Document_UK.pdf

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