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Robots mod for minecraft pe - an addition that will replace 25 mobs for amazing robots. The robot mod for minecraft pe will add a whole bunch of new items to your mcpe world. For example, an underwater helmet and powerful weapons. In addition to robots mod will add many new features. You can ride on flying chairs and cool motorcycles. In this case, you will need to fight with many evil robot mobs mod for minecraft. Now there will not be a lot of annoying mobs and a standard weapon mod for minecraft. And there will be only a whole universe of redstone mechanism that will make life unusual and really interesting. In general, the mobs for mcpe is a good addition that will significantly improve the gameplay.

Description of some of the robot mod:

Dispenser Robot - shoots three different shells: arrows, snowballs and fireballs in mobs mods for minecraft. Kills other mobs and players in redstone minecraft. You can use silicon with steel to remake the mobs mod for mcpe in tnt block.

Flying Chair - a mechanical redstone chair that can be used for flying in a robot mod minecraft. Press the jump button when you are sitting on a chair, and then just move through the air in the direction you need to the robot mods for mcpe.

Observer Robot is a robot that acts as a guard and helps protect the player from dangerous mobs mods for mcpe. When the robots mod minecraft die, it will explode.

Redstone Turret is a robot that will protect you from all the mobs that it finds nearby in the robot mod for mcpe. Robots mod for mcpe itself is weak, so you sometimes have to defend it.

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