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Pipes Ultimate Plumber is a game in which you, as a plumber, have a task to work out a various logic puzzles. But theres plenty of great games about connecting pipes. So how this game stands from others?

Water must flow!

All the best game modes in one app! Are you a fan of classic modes in which the water flows after few seconds? Or maybe you prefer to reflect on the problem that some puzzles make. Or maybe you just like to rotate the pipes and analyze the most efficient ways? In this game youll find all of this and more, as you can choose from four different modes.
Classic - you have a one random pipe that has to be placed on board. Only then you can place the next one. You have a few bombs to use in case you made a mistake.
Rotate - you can only rotate pipes that are already on board. You cant create new ones neither delete the existing ones.
Repair - In this mode all pipes are placed on the board, but usually in a wrong places. Your task is to move them to the right places using Drag-n-Drop
Setup - in this mode the map is nearly empty. Its your job to connect water emmiters and wells in a proper way. You have infinite elements that can also be freely deleted.

Variety of elements is the strong advantage of this game. Getting water from point A to B is rare. Water can have different colors, be converted to another color or split into a few streams, which make the maps more challenging.

Handmade maps. Are you tired of games with 1000 levels and all of them looking exactly the same? In Pipes Ultimate Plumber maps are not procedural-generated. Every map is created by designers and is evaluated and tested with paying special attention to uniqueness, fun and difficulty level.

150 levels is not enough? Dont worry! OxGames provides an update every week, bringing you a pack of great new maps (from 5 difficult to 15 easy ones). If you want to know about the next update just look up in the menu. Youll find out not only when, but also what will you get in this next update.

Competition?Of course! Due to the games connection to Google Play, you can unlock achievements and fight for the highest rank. Every pack of maps has its own rank. So if you feel good at only one mode, show others that you are the best!

Connecting pipes has never been so ultimate!

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