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A mobile game application entitled Trash To Gold: An Educational Android Game for Waste Segregation with Virtual Reality is where the user will learn about the proper way of waste segregation through playing mobile game. In the game, the player will be memorizing the proper segregation about the Biodegradable, Non-Biodegradable, Recyclable, and Toxic Waste. In order to finish the level the player must be complete the Target to collect and the Boss per-level to proceed to the next level. As the level increases, the game will be a bit more challenging to play. The game comes with a little bit of educational twist, which helps us to learn the Biodegradable, Non-Biodegradable, Recyclable, and Toxic Waste.

The game consists of 2D characters, animated objects, background. The game has 2 modes which are 2D and VR mode. 2D game mode has Ten [10] levels that allows player to collect trashes that will be segregated based on its corresponding waste category. Each level has time limit and must complete the level in the give time. Every level has known boss, which the player must defeation their boss battle, coins and points will be collected once defeating the boss. Player must segregate the collected trash target in the right waste category to gain additional score otherwise the life bar will decrease. The different waste category segregation has the following points: biodegradable (60points), non-biodegradable (80points), recyclable (100points) and toxic (40points).To complete Level 1 the player needs to collect Eight [8] trashes, Ten [10] trashes on Level 2, Twelve[12] trashes on Level 3 , Fourteen [14] trashes on Level 4, Sixteen [16] trashes on Level 5, Eighteen[18] trashes on Level 6, Twenty [20] trashes on Level 7, Twenty-five [25] trashes on Level 8, Twenty- seven [27] trashes on Level 9 , Thirty [30] trashes on Level 10 . The player will also encounter obstacles in the game such as cliffs and environmental enemies. The character has life bar that will be depleted when hit by the enemy/boss, and the character will instantly die if it fells on the cliff . The main menu consists of different buttons such as 2D button,VR button, Help button,Credit button, Quit button, and in game it has a pause button consists of Resume button, Sound button, Main menu button and in the Help button contains the Tutorial button.

In the VR mode, the game is an endless running game type. The player should collect all incoming trashes to gain score. The trashes have their corresponding score points according to their segregation category: biodegradable (60points), non-biodegradable (80points), recyclable (100points) and toxic (40points). If the player fall it will result to its death.

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