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Graded readers are books especially written for language learners. They employ a limited set of grammar and vocabulary which allows learners to enjoy reading without struggling.

Tamil Picture Books is the first of its kind, digital Graded Readers in Tamil. It intends to develop their reading ability of kids who learn Tamil as a secondary language. It also helps the kids with Tamil as the first language to keep them entertained with colorful stories all from their favorite Android device!

Tamil Picture Books Highlights:

Contextual illustrations aid comprehension.
Gradually increasing difficulty of the book levels.
Colourful illustrations on each page.
10 Book levels, minimum 10 books in each level.
New books added regularly.
Trial mode lets to read selected books for free.
Registered users will have unlimited access to all levels and books.

Why Graded Readers?

Reading in a foreign language can be frustrating. By deftly mixing unfamiliar and familiar grammar and vocabulary, Graded Readers serve as a natural bridge, helping readers build-up to native-level materials. Deliberate repetition of carefully chosen new vocabulary enables readers to infer meaning from context. Because they can be read and enjoyed without struggle, Graded Readers build skills and confidence.

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