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ABMM Sampark App is a platform to bring all our community people closer to help each other by Socially, Personally and in Professionally. It acts as an intermediate between people who wants to help and people who wants help. We connect both the category with each other. Get the details about our Maheshwari caste. In the app all the members of the society are being added on the basis of area classified by the Mahasabha.

By now, we have taken all data's filled by Samaj families under drive of collection of Socio-economic data by Mahasabha. Even those families who have not submitted their data's can do so with help of this app . In near future, this app will help to develop business, emplyment amongst community. Also will help in selecting life partners .

Presently allows to users to access their profiles . Head of the family can edit profiles of all members of family by pressing three dots in the member list . Members of family can edit their data's by pressing their photo space in main menu (going to left corner). It is suggested, member of the family who is friendly with mobile operations should register himself as family head because still in most families, family head are not still mobile friendly . Alternatively younger members of family who are mobile friendly should edit data from mobile of head of family and also inform all family members about important notifications.

It's open (for) maheshwari community members only. Allowing the users to do the following:

1. Dashboard
\tThis section showcases the information about
\tFamily Member, My Meeting, Notification and referral.

2. Profile
\tAllow the users to access their profile.

3. My Meeting
\tIn near future this platform will be used to give information of important meeting /event/ election at local/ tahsil/ district / Pradesh and national level by respective admins .

4. Referral
This is a system for new entrants . Member will have to give two reference numbers, whom he knows that have already registered and downloaded app. After submitting his data notification will go on those two numbers. As soon as those two numbers will confirm his referral ; his entry will be registered. Those two numbers will be sent notification to confirm referral number. This is for authentic confirmation of New entry.

5. About Us
\tGeneral information about the community.

6. Contact Us
\tInformation of contact details of community across the Globe.

7. Trusts
\tGeneral information about the trusts associated with the community.

8. Privacy Policy
General information of Privacy Policy related to the community.

9. Terms and Condition
Information of Terms and Condition related to the community.

10. Feedback
Any users can provide his/her feedback for improving the community growth.

11. FAQ
It will help to use the app.

12. Download
Download the shared materials.

13. Visit Website
Visit Maheshwari Mahasabha Website; http://www.maheshwarimahasabha.org .

14. Share App
Share the Sampark app downloading link through social networking(whatsapp, facebook etc.) to all Maheshwari people.

15. Rate Us
Share your experience publicly and give your valuable rating.

Keep yourself updated about the Maheshwari community happening around the world.

So, what are you waiting for, DOWNLOAD the app and avail the benefits just in one app.

For any registration, references, meeting or data update queries please visit http://www.maheshwarimahasabha.org/contact.php our contact page to contact us.

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