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**On Antwerp: Tunnel and Ferry status, Smart Zone Special view, safe on Bike areas** **Please register and fill the questionnaire to get a nice grey Snap4City T-Shirt until August 2019**
Snap4City mobile applications is a personal assistant that shows the services that are close to your location, browse in the city... The services are accessible geo related to transport and mobility, cultural heritage, hospitals, weather, environment, services, and much more, etc.

The data available are listed in https://www.snap4city.org and may depend on the location: Antwerp, Helsinki, Tuscany. Most of the data are open data, other kind of data may be private and accessible only for a limited time period that may depend on the experimentations.
Please note that the data results are not always based on real data.

You can use the Snap4City application without registration, and thus some limitations will be possible. If you register on it, the same registration will be valid for the web site https://www.snap4city.org on which you can manage your profile according to GDPR regulation of the European Commission.

Snap4City is a smart city IOT/IOE (internet of things, everything) platform and tools, which is 100% open source and includes development and production tools based on Km4City (https://www.km4city.org ) which in turn has been developed in Sii-Mobility smart city national Italian project. Snap4City platform has been developed by a team including University of Florence (DISIT Lab https://www.disit.org ), University of Milan and Snap4 SRL. Snap4City is compliant with more than 50 different protocols and standards, it is also an official platform of Fi-Ware, an official library of JS Foundations Node-RED.

During the registration you have accepted with signed consent: Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Terms and Conditions that can be accessible for your from the portal. You can Contact us from the portal and from that link.

Snap4City has been developed with the European Commission Affiliation Select4Cities project that has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688196. Please note that this App represents the view of Snap4City, with the support of Select4Cities project https://www.select4cities.eu/ and that the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

Snap4City team does not guarantee that the service today active Snap4City, they can remain in the same form and / or active forever.

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