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CloudVeil Messenger is a customized Telegram messaging app, and is fully compatible with other Telegram apps.

It's very similar to Telegram with these key differences.

- Inline-Bots (gif and video search etc): Blocked
- In-App Browser: Disabled
- Autoplay GIFs: Disabled
- Global User, Group, and Channel Search: Disabled
- Bots: Disabled
- Organizational Channels: Available upon request
- Other Channels: Blocked
- Groups: Allowed, bad groups can be blocked upon request.

As you can see, CloudVeil Messenger is perfect for users desiring a safe, simple, messaging app. We recommend using parental controls or app lockers to block access to unwanted websites, browsers, and social networking apps.

CloudVeil Messenger is based on the Telegram Android Client source code and is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0.

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