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Smart Watch Sync Wear - Bluetooth Notifier

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Make your watch really smart with Android Smartwatch Bluetooth Notificator and display all notifications from your phone on your smartwatch screen.
the app absolutely free and enjoy new features

How to use

To start connection install Smartwatch Bluetooth Notificator from Google Play on your phone.
Give Access Notifications permissions
Turn on bluetooth on your Smartwatch
Enable discovering to make your Smartwatch visible
Find from the list the name of your Smarwatch and connect it
Congratulations! Your devices are connected to each other

Types of smartwatches
This app will become for you a real find and help, because it is an ideal assistant in managing a variety of android watches, such as fitness&sport watch, samsung watch, galaxy watch, garmin, huawei watch and many others, you just need a Bluetooth connected for smartphone and smartwatch.

Android Wear and Bluetooth synchronization
This app can work with all Android Wear bluetooth watches and with the expansion of bluetooth 5.0 and higher.

Work of your assistant
To make the application work, you just need to download it to your phone , open bluetooth/usb bluetooth sync and make synchronization of two devices - watch/smartwatch sync and smartphone sync. You do not need to ask for help with installation or download a lot of apps, because it is very simple and doesnt require special skills\u200d This application is like Google, because in it you can find everything you need

Fitness and health bluetooth synchronization smartwatch\u200d
Using a fitness, health&sport watch, you can not only monitor your health, but also stink, receive and send messages, smartwatch notifications, change the design of your android watch sync and much more. It is very convenient if you lead an active life, took a toll on health, play sport games, do fitness, drive a bike and dont need to be constantly distracted by the phone.

Using just bluetooth 5.0, you can get a lot of useful options for your watch and android phone. You can control two devices at the same time, using a connect.

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