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1 What is the Treebook project about?

This is an open science project to map trees. Here we create a profile page for each of the trees that form part of our lives. We keep tracking their life by locating them, their pictures at various times of their life, when do they flower, fruit etc. We can also chronicle about who visits them, such as a monkey, a bird, butterflies, moths, worms, pests, but keeping the tree as a focus. Trees are part of our habitat, but they are also habitat for a lot of others.

2 How do we plan to do it?

To facilitate the mapping process, we bring to you a mobile App (for Android based phones for the time being). Please download the App called Treebook.in, install it, create an account and start mapping. The mobile App will map the trees by locating them with latitude and longitude.

Spread the word! As a citizen science project any one can do this. Yes, others can also update the tree you have mapped. It is a collaborative project. We record every contribution: who did what and when. We honor frequent contributors with special prizes!

India has about 1.3 million schools. We are sure every school has at least one landmark tree nearby. Same is the case about our homes. Don't we have trees around our homes, offices, parks, streets ?

3 Why map trees?

So that we can follow them, the way we follow friends in a social networking platform. It is like Facebook for trees! And the reason why we call it a Treebook.

If trees have an address, we can have an address too! You can tell people where to meet by informing "let us meet at tree number 51". No need to tell them the building number, street number, locality, town or for that matter which country. After all they live longer than most of our buildings. This is one of the selfish reasons to map trees.

There are plenty of other reasons: making us keen observers of our habitat by mapping seasonal changes of the trees, protecting our habitat, calculating green cover, mapping biodiversity, recognizing and naming them

3.1 Seriously:

to sensitize citizens about our environment: environment education to enhance the participatory base of science: science for all and by all to include and involve everyone in doing science: inculcating the spirit of collaboration to inculcate a culture of recording, reporting and conducting research: culture of doing science to develop critical scientific literacy among the citizens: seeking evidence

4 Who owns the data collected?

It is an open data, open science project. A scientific investigation where there are no restrictions on who participates; no single agency owns the results of the investigation; and the process of investigation is open.

Open science projects are Citizen Science projects, though not all citizen science projects are open.

Your contributions are documented, and the data is released under Creative Commons ShareAlike license (CC by SA 4.0 unported). Others can use, modify and share provided they release them by citation and under the same terms of the above license.

5 Join us

Visit https://treebook.metastudio.org/

6 Who are we?

This project is an initiative of gnowledge lab, http://www.metaStudio.org/gnowledgeLab/, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai.If you like to own the project through active participation, write to us, we will list your organization here.

7 Dedication

We dedicate this project in the memory of Prof. Chitra Natarajan (1954-2015), our friend, mentor and colleague at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. Her interest in project based science education and sustainable living are one of the inspirations to embark on this project.

8 Software

The software of the project is a derivative ofhttps://www.OpenTreeMap.org, which is released under a free and open source license. The source code of both the Mobile App and the web site are released at https://github.com/gnowledge/.

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