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BEWARE: This is an unofficial application. The creation of this application is in no way related to NHTV. Also I'm using the NHTV logo to make the application recognisable for the users. I do not own the rights for this logo. NHTV does. (Read below if you have any complaints)

This is an alternative roster application for students and teachers. Currently it is still a work in progress, things may crash and/or may look ugly. But I'm working on it.

Huge thanks to: NHTV! They are providing all of this data for free to us so we can use it. I haven't found any school that does this.

Q: Why isn't this a native application?
A: Because I want to upload an iOS application after this one is done.

Q: Something doesn't work, how can I contact you?
A: You can leave a review here or send me an email: zander.meer@gmail.com

Q: The data isn't correct, where are you getting it from?
A: NHTV is providing the details to everyone via an API which can be found here: http://roster.nhtv.nl/

If you have complaint please get in touch with me by leaving a review or send me an email (zander.meer@gmail.com). I'll get back to you shortly and we will sort something out that makes everyone happy. :)

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